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more jewellery hereThis was to have been last week

Mystery publishing demystified This was to have been last week post, but i was too worked up about the topic and didn think i could write about it un-Nastily.Her books don rocket up the bestseller lists, but they have good, solid sales.Each time a new book comes out, we see sales of the backlist go up(Always a delightful experience);Readers enthusiasm is equaled by that of professional reviewers. It all started innocently enough.Were having a call with the publicist to discuss a few ideas, and i made an innocuous comment about the first hundred copies sold being the easiest, due to the friends/family effect.When she said to me,"I don tell my friends and family about my books any more.It hurts too much when they don congratulate me, don buy http://www.tulia.co.uk/tiffany-earrings.html them, and don read them. " You know, this is not the first time i have heard this.So, i must therefore ask anyone who has had a friend or relative who has a Tiffany Necklaces book published, and who has not bought a copy of that person book:The hell is wrong with you? There, i said it.I not talking about people who write professional books that sell for $200 a copy.Talking about people who have written mass-Market, trade, or hardcover books that sell in the very affordable range of $6.99 to $15.Yes, that includes hardcovers that are priced at $24.95, which are discounted to the $15 range almost immediately at Amazon.Tell me whyYouchoose to ignore this remarkable accomplishment by a family member or someoneYoucall a"Friend. "Person has labored, most likely for years, not only in writing a manuscript, but also in jumping through an endless series of hoops to get an agent and/or publisher.S/he has then had to exercise the utmost patience in rewriting several times to please an editor.Then, of course, comes the proofreading, which is even more work.The end of the process, s/he holds an extremely affordable, compact, 300-Page book that is the culmination of years of hard work and determination.You-Who will spend $4 for a cup of coffee at starbucks, drop $100 for dinner for two at a trendy restaurant, or waste your money on cheap plastic crap at walmart-Cannot find it in your heart to buy a copy of this book? But agatho, you (more jewellery here) will say:Your bias is showing.Don you want the same? Is it that you don like reading mysteries?Who cares whether you like them or not?Bet you know people who do-And we all know that books make excellent gifts.So you are a little short on cash this month?Respect a limited budget, i really do.It seems to me that you could maybe sacrifice that lunch at mcdonald in order to buy your friend book.Don get it;I really don almost every creative industry, friends and supporters are there to encourage people as they take tiny steps toward success.And relatives fill tiny, puke-Filled venues where garage-Bands are knocking out their tunes in hopes of getting a record deal.Actors and singers always have friends show up for the performance.But when it comes to books-Something strange happens.I applaud you for saying out loud what i thought for years.Btw, one once said to me, are you going to write a real book?After i published my third true-Crime book.I never spoke to her again.I don need thoughtless a-Holes in my life.What books i sold have not been to friends and family, they have been to strangers and acquaintances who have been very kind to my work.But sometimes that generosity happens in a void.None of my family members have passed the links along to *their* friends or made any effort to extend the marketing. It very frustrating, and sad to be able to see so easily who does and doesn care about who you are at your core.My books are a paltry 99cents, and i even given stuff away.Not one word from family or old friends.Only excuses and outright silence. *sighs* When it comes to publishing and getting your books read, strangers are far kinder. I lucky eNough to have supportive friends and family when it comes to reading my books.I Not published as of yet, so that same support when buying remains to be seen.One point i can testify to is this:I recently had a book review done on the first Novel in the series i currently writing.It wasn the best, but it wasn the worst either.The fact that the reviewer had missed the whole point of the story wasn what bothered me.It was the fact that only one of my friends commented on it.Keep in mind over 100 people have read and fallen in love with the characters.Not even my best friend, a woman who is probably more passionate than i am about my books couldn even take the time to say even one thing about it.Writing is hard work.Anyone that can reach the point being published deserves to enjoy a pat on the back.It Not ego-Stroking if it comes from a place of genuine pride.We all need that sometimes.I was wrong.She has Not purchased my book Nor shown any interest in reading it.Every once in a while, she asks if i sold any books--Expecting me to answer"No. "I try hard to remain upbeat around her negativity, but she just represents the indifferent attitude that i experience from most of my family.The truly supportive people for me are my writing friends. Very familiar, although i done my best to badger people, and the close friends have mostly come through(Some with flying colors, working their own networks to spread the word).My own theory is that it social awkwardness that keeps people from reading friends books-People don read the book because they are terrified that they hate it and feel embarrassed.Either way, it sucks.Read it, hate it, tell me you hate it!Fine.Just, you know, make the effort.

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