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Prom Dresses 2014 New york walmart has made twinkies available

Embargo on twinkies Prom Dresses 2014 New york walmart has made twinkies available this weekend, even though hostess says it asked retailers to wait until monday to start selling the spongy yellow snack cakes.Stores should have them by this morning. "Hostess has not, and is not, giving any particular retailer exclusivity or preference to have products first and is making a great effort to fulfill orders equally and timely to everyone,"The company said in a statement. But walmart spokeswoman veronica marshall said friday that walmart is the only retailer she's aware of that's already selling them on a national level. "The product was in our distribution centers, and we went out early,"She said. Representatives for kroger and Sexy Prom Dresses UK safeway did not immediately respond to say when they would start selling twinkies. Marshall had earlier said that walmart had worked with hostess to make the snack cakes available early exclusively.But she later clarified the statement to say that walmart had worked with hostess to make special packaging with the words"First batch"Available exclusively at its stores. By late this week, walmart says its stores will also have hostess mini muffins and fried fruit pies, marshall said.Coffee cakes, ho hos, orange cupcakes, suzy qs and zingers will be available by august.Snoballs will arrive in the fall. The new owners of hostess have said the company will be freezing twinkies for about 10 percent of its retailers upon request, which lets stores stamp their own expiration dates on the cakes.Marshall said walmart isn't one of the retailers that will get frozen twinkies. Notably, hostess has also said that twinkies now have a shelf life of 45 days.That's nearly three weeks longer than the 26 days the previous company had stated for the cakes.Hostess says the changes were made under the previous owners and longerlasting cakes hit Party Dresses UK shelves right before the company went out of business. Hostess went bankrupt late last year after years of management turmoil and a standoff with its secondbiggest union.The company sold off its various brands, with twinkies and other hostess cakes going to private equity firms metroupoulos co.And apollo global management, which are known for fixing up ailing brands them selling them off for a profit. Marshall declined to say how hostess cake sales were performing at walmart stores before the bankruptcy.The retailer also sells little debbie cakes, which are made by mckee foods corp, and tastykake, which is made by flowers foods.Walmart also sells storebrand versions of the cakes.

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